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Maternal Child Health Project

Maternal Child Health Project

Watch Dr. Rauner's presentation on the state of child health in Nebraska.

The Maternal Child Health project is an initiative begun in Lincoln in coordination with pediatric and maternal healthcare providers in the city to focus on improving the quality of healthcare provided to children and pregnant women in the city through ongoing quality improvement projects with local healthcare clinics. The project is now expanding to other communities to increase access to quality prenatal care in these communities to help reduce the rates of preterm birth and other maternal/neonatal complications. Read more about the project.

Read the ALIGN Nebraska Prenatal Care and Infant Mortality Policy Brief - a detailed view of prenatal care and infant mortality in Nebraska, plus measurable steps to improve outcomes for all moms and babies by 2030. 

Maternal Child Health Data
Click on the icons below to access interactive data by subject matter, or view all data on the Healthy Nebraska Tableau site. By selecting options in the graphs you can find trusted data on maternal and infant health issues in Nebraska and also compare Nebraska statistics to other states.