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Work With Us

What do you need help with?

Partnership for a Healthy Nebraska works with organizations and communities to address health related issues impacting those they serve.

Utilizing science and evidence based data and research, we can provide a framework and methodology to effect improvement in areas of concern. We can identify partnerships, processes, and organizational practices that can lead to more responsive, efficient, and cost effective solutions to improve health. We can help implement and oversee process change.

  • Step One: Begin the conversation. 
    • What are the issues/areas of concern?  
    • How do the issues impact your organization or community and the people you serve? 
    • What resources are currently being deployed?
    • What resources are you willing to dedicate to addressing the issues?
    • What are your short term, intermediate and long term goals?
  • Step Two: Partnership for a Healthy Nebraska provides a proposal that identifies our process and project costs.
  • Step Three: With agreed upon goals and benchmarks, we provide a timeline for project implementation.
  • Step Four: We monitor project implementation and course correct if and when needed.
  • Step Five: We review completed project implementation with our partner-client.
  • Step Six: We hand off project sustainability to our partner-client.

Contact us to begin the conversation.