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About Us

About Us

Improving the health of Nebraskans, thousands at a time. 

Nebraska will again be one of the ten healthiest states in the nation. 

In response to statewide community health issues, Partnership for a Healthy Nebraska was formed to provide Nebraskans with current data on the trends that impact their health. Partnership for a Healthy Nebraska is an expansion of Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln, our sister organization, a community health non-profit since 2010, that focuses on improving the health and wellness in the city of Lincoln and in Lancaster County.  

Partnership for a Healthy Nebraska works with organizations and communities in Nebraska to address health related issues impacting those they serve. Using evidence based data and research, we provide a framework and methodology to effect improvement in areas of concern. We identify partnerships, processes, and organizational practices that can lead to more responsive, efficient, and cost effective solutions to improve health.

Partnership for a Healthy Nebraska utilizes Tableau, an interactive data visualization software, to illustrate health related data from across our state. The purpose of the visualizations is to engage Nebraskans in their health and healthcare, highlighting successes as well as opportunities for improvement in trends and comparisons with other geographic areas. Visualizations allow users to interact with the data, selecting counties or measures to compare for example.